CEFID by day

CEFID by day

The Assisi Workshops™ has partnered with the Centro Francescano Internazionale per il Dialogo (CEFID) to provide housing and lecture space for our various events. CEFID is prized real estate in the heart of Assisi with a terrace that overlooks the commanding vista of the valley below. The facility also includes private rooms and baths, laundry facilities, a lounge and library, two chapels, wireless internet, a fully functional kitchen, lecture hall, and proximity to the heart of Assisi’s town center.

CEFID (pronounce CHAY-fid) is run by P. Silvestro Bejan, a Franciscan friar. 

Piazza Spagnoli, 1  06081 Assisi


CEFID at Sunset