A Mended and Broken Heart


Wendy Murray’s book about Francis of Assisi, published July 2008, Basic Books/Perseus.

Publishers Weekly: “In a work that is both scholarly and engaging, Murray retells the life of this ‘complicated man’–who was a poet, warrior, knight, lover, madman and saint–in a way that even those familiar with Francis’s story will find compelling.”

Murray Bodo, O.F.M. in St. Anthony’s Messanger: “Wendy Murray has written a trustworthy and well-researched modern biography. Her sources are impeccable and she has, as she herself remarks, written this book with her feet. I found this a beautifully written and engaging biography of both Francis and Clare. She herself achieved what she quotes from the great Franciscan scholar Jacques Dalarun: ‘Francis of Assisi is not a man who can be calmly observed. He is a man who must be confronted, with sympathy and commitment.’ Murray’s sympathy and commitment are abundantly evident in this interesting contribution to the literature of Francis and Clare of Assisi.”

Tidings: “Murray has crafted a very engaging history of the time as well as compact bios of Francis and Clare. There are other vivid sketches of friars and popes and emperors and a sultan. To supplement her text, Murray fills more than 40 pages with maps, a glossary, source material and note. But Francis is the star.

The Roanoke Times: “Wendy Murray has given us a book that can awaken depths of the spirit in both believers and nonbelievers. Artfully and sensitively written, [the final chapter] alone is worth the price of the book.”

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