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The Assisi Workshops™, founded by journalist and author Wendy Murray, is an umbrella organization dedicated to facilitating ongoing exploration of the life of Saint Francis, the Umbrian tradition of pilgrimage, and the

exercise of the visual and literary arts in keeping with the great Italian tradition of beauty and creativity. The Assisi Workshops™, in conjunction with local cultural institutions in Assisi as well as academic institutions in the United States, creates the opportunity for pilgrims, artists, writers and general seekers to set aside time for study and creativity apart from the rigors of every-day life and within the context of an enchanting world that promises mystery, majesty and personal transformation.

About the Founder and Leader: Wendy Murray, Writer & Journalist

Wendy Murray was living in Assisi, Italy, when she completed her book A Mended and a Broken Heart, the Life of Francis of Assisi (Basic Books).

She has spent nearly five years researching the live as of Saint Francis and Saint Clare. She is respected among the Catholic (Franciscan) community in Assisi and has intimate access to the most learned scholars and experts and maintains good standing among the community. Her book A Mended and a Broken Heart has been officially endorsed by the Franciscan community in Assisi and is carried in the town’s major bookstores. She is knowledgeable of Latin and fluent in Italian.

Beyond her work in Italy, she is otherwise a seasoned, well-traveled and award-winning journalist who has published widely in many venues. She grew up in Chagrin Falls, Ohio and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Hiram College, Hiram, Ohio (1980), majoring in religion and graduating magna cum laude. She also received membership in Hiram’s Phi Beta Kappa society. She completed

a master’s degree in theology at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, S. Hamilton, Massachusetts, graduating magna cum laude in 1985.

She lived in Honduras, Central America for four years where she served as regional correspondent for Time magazine. She worked as writer and editor at Christianity Today magazine from 1995 to 2000 and served as senior writer through 2005. Her work has taken her all over the world and her feature essays have won awards consistently. She has published extensively in other journals, including Books & Culture, The Christian Century, and Beliefnet.com. Twice her essays have been included in The Best Christian Writing. She was cited in Brill’s Content as being numbered among the nation’s leading religion reporters. She has appeared on “Chris Matthew’s Hard Ball,” “Religion & Ethics Newsweekly” and was invited to speak before a select group of thought leaders by the Carnegie Council in New York.

She served as writer-in-residence at Gordon College (Wenham, Massachusetts) for two years (2004 to 2006) and has regularly taught a course on Francis of Assisi, both in Massachusetts and through the college’s international studies program in Orvieto, Italy.  She currently serves as an adjunct professor of Communication Arts and leads students to Assisi for a college-credit course on International Journalism.

She has written ten books, including (selected) The Beliefnet Guide to Evangelical Christianity (Doubleday 2005), Meet Me in Managua (Kregel, 2005); On Broken Legs (NavPress 2004) and Day of Reckoning, Columbine and the Search for America’s Soul (Brazos, 2001). Her most recent book, A Mended and a Broken Heart, the Life of Francis of Assisi, written in Assisi, Italy, was published in June 2008 by Basic Books.